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Father Maguire Council 3851
Covina/West Covina, CA
To my brothers and sisters in Christ, this month I
believe I speak for all of us in what a great time
we had with our events as a council.

To begin the month of October, my brothers -
Jacob V., Larry D. , Joe S., Andy R., Vincent D.
and ladies Angel and Tina were able to spend all
three days together playing and helping out with
the bingo for everyone at the Sacred Heart
Festival. On October 15th we came back to
Sacred Heart for the annual ID Tootsie Roll Drive
which was a big success - all money to be
donated to the persons with intellectual
disabilities. A special thanks goes out to the San
Gabriel Valley Team from the Special Olympics
for participating in our ID drive.
Hours after the ID drive we were able to get
together and participate with the ladies and have
a great time playing bunco. Thanks to the ladies
for putting this fun event together. Five days later
our council what is right back at it again for our
monthly Friday night steak fry. Lots of people
were enjoying our delicious steaks; we had a
great turnout. I hope to see everyone at our next
steak fry.

The 24th we had our first 1st Degree for our
Colombian year. Welcome all my new brothers!
Saturday, October 28 we had a fun day
celebration at our kids Halloween party. Thanks
to all for making this happen for our kids. And to
end the month my brothers and family all got
together to end the month with our family mass at
Sacred Heart Church. Thank you everyone for all
who helped make this month fun and exciting.

To all my Brother Knights and Sisters from the
Ladies of the Snow, family, and friends who
volunteer time here with us, thank you.

God Bless and Vivat Jesus

Ed Van Olphen
Grand Knight
Grand Knight's Letter
November 2017

Brother Joe Serrano
November  2017