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Father Maguire Council 3851
Covina/West Covina, CA
This month we were visited by Bishop David O’Connell
at the Sunday Mass for the Disabled. What an honor and
a distinct privilege it was to have The Most Reverend
David O’Connell, the Episcopal Vicar for the San Gabriel
Region of the L.A. Archdiocese preside over the liturgy at
the Knights of Columbus Co. 3851. The mass is a true
blessing for those who want to hear the gospel and are
needed the accessibility. Our Council does a great job at
housing as well as provide a safe environment each
Sunday on a regular basis.

On Fri Jan 12 it was an honor to attend the San Gabriel
Chapter Meeting. Usually I’m cooking steaks for our
monthly Steak Fry. However, we decided to have our last
Steak Fry in December to prepare for Fish Fry Friday’s
during Lent, which gave me time to attend the meeting.
While in the meeting I was sitting there listening to all
their ideas and upcoming events; it made me realize that
there is so much more that we, as Knights and as a
Council, can do. Let us please get together and get
more involved, let us plan ahead and make this year a
fun and successful new year in 2018.

Saturday Jan 13th, Western Exterminator Co. in the
Chino office celebrated their annual Office Party here.
They had a Casino themed party with company by the
name of Casino Knights providing dealers and table
games to play the whole night. There was also a DJ that
got the people dancing. It was a very special night that
many will not forget. I want to thank the Knights for being
so welcoming to the Western Exterminator Co. Not only
have they brought us great times, they also brought us
some new members to our Council. A special thanks
goes out to PGK Brother Jim and DGK Brother Jacob for
taking care of our guests and keeping them safe.

Thursday Night Bingo is still going serious. It is so nice
to see everyone having a great time. We are still in need
of more volunteers every Thursday. Thank you to my
Brother Knights that are where every Thursday to keep
bingo rolling.

Next month is our Annual Big Game Day Party. The
Super Bowl will be on, good food will be served
throughout the day, 50/50 raffle tickets, silent auctions,
door prizes, and Super Bowl Donation Pools. Doors will
open at 1pm. Come one down and enjoy the fun. Bring
the family and friends. We hope to see you there.

To all my Brothers and Sisters and their Families, we
appreciate everything you do because this is what we

God Bless All of You
Grand Knight
Ed Van Olphen
Grand Knight's Letter
February 2018

Brother Harvey Simpson
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EVERY Friday Night
During Lent
5PM - 8PM